The courage and impact of progressive leadership…

For most of my professional career, the one consistent war-cry I have heard in many established company boardrooms and across C-suite leadership teams is: “How do we cut costs?” Compared to a significantly lesser extent: How do we optimise our investments more effectively and drive growth? A myopic cost mindset is analogous to: Cut the lifeboats free, the ship is sinking. Eventually, without effective interventions, the ship sinks, together with all its assets while the people left behind are cast adrift [...]

A contemporary leadership model?

Dreaming: A contemporary leadership model? It's business as usual! Or is it? The power of ‘dreams’ in building long-term value for an organisation is an area left to the select few, it goes way beyond the corporate vision statement to a passionate belief embedded deep into an organisation’s culture and psyche. [...]

The artistry of leadership and innovation

Creativity: The artistry of leadership and innovation. Have you ever considered why one of the most creative periods in human history; the Italian Renaissance became so creatively intense and enduringly successful? Was it because of spontaneity within the creative communities of Florence? [...]

The power of the curious…

How important is curiosity to your unique strengths? How does curiosity support market leadership and growth? The ability to learn, to discover, to innovate, to question, to be creative, to develop wisdom, to wonder, to move you mind thoughts and feelings to another level, all reside in the mind of the curious. However [...]

Winning = Best

Like many entering into the new year I have pondered on my current business model, with a range of basic questions. What could I be doing better? How can I improve the profile of my business? What business should I be in, and is it the right one? How do I maximise success personally and financially? How do I become the [...]

Social media, leadership and innovation

The topic of social media continues to drive momentum from its origins as a mechanism for connecting people, to sharing ideas, thoughts, insights and most recently a business tool to explore the world of customers and consumers. While for some, it provides an additional mechanism to advertise and promote their [...]

Cash, Cost & Culture

What’s happening in business today? Is there an over emphasis on cost leading to myopic investment decisions? Is getting the right culture being perceived as a high cost activity? Is there in an increasing focus on divestment rather than investment? [...]

Creativity, logic, learning and leadership

The impact of the global financial crisis keeps lingering, with the world of business remaining pessimistic as it it looks into the crystal ball for inspirational insights. Many wishing for a flash of brilliance to deliver the impetus necessary to inject growth and realise associated earnings. This anaemic approach is driven by risk [...]

Too many strategic initiatives?

How often have you heard, or read of an organisation with a new 10 point strategic plan to rectify, or improve business performance, or even a five point plan? What happens then, do they succeed with all, some, or none of these points being realised? [...]

Market Focus

In a world where competition drives consumer choice and value perception, a growing list of brands, products and services, are being perceived as basic commodities, driving diminishing financial returns. This has resulted in many businesses having an obsessed view of their competition [...]